Minimalist SEO

Minimalist SEO is way of doing SEO

without needing to know how to do SEO

Don't think of it as a method or process, but more of a movement or a philosophy.

For the longest time, traditional SEO has caused confusion to those that are new to SEO. SEO is constantly changing, and as such the internet is filled out outdated information, strategies that just don’t work, and misguided bloggers who believe they are helping, but are not.

Minimalist SEO was born of a need to see SEO results quickly, with minimal effort and no budget.

It was first put into practice in 2008 and has since grown into a repeatable system that anyone can use to an increase of traffic in Google, without all the technical wizardry required to do traditional SEO.

To get started with Minimalist SEO, grab a copy of the Minimalist SEO cheat sheet and change the way you think of SEO.

How to do Minimalist SEO

There are 2 components to Minimalist SEO: The Framework and the Manifesto.

Minimalist SEO Manifesto

The manifesto is a series of guiding principles used to simplify the understanding and execution of complex SEO tasks:

  1. Google’s Customer
  2. The Why Not the How
  3. Time vs Complexity
  4. The Level Up Process


Minimalist SEO Framework

This is the starter framework for doing Minimalist SEO.  In short, it’s a process of creating content that is inline with the Minimalist SEO Manifesto and eliminates the complications and points of failure related to traditional SEO.

The first step in learning Minimalist SEO is to remove keyword research as the starting point of content creation and instead let Google do your keyword research for you.

To get started, download a copy of the Minimalist SEO Cheatsheet.


The People Behind Minimalist SEO

Chris Whiteley

Reverse Engineering – that is Chris’ middle name.

He likes to take things apart, see what makes them tick and then put them back together. Afterwards there is always a process document completed so next time it’s easier.  He does this for everything – especially SEO.

Chris Burdge

Since 1994 Chris has been leveraging Internet based communications to build brands and move products for companies such as BMW, Royal Bank, and Nestle Purina.

He has led the digital marketing practice at global ad agencies McCann Erikson, Publicis and Cove-Ito Japan.

Chris is deeply involved in the marketing community where he helps to inspire and share innovation. Chris speaks at universities and colleges and has been featured widely in the media.