Minimalist SEO

I would like to show you how to transform your coaching business using the power of SEO. 

I assure you it is hard, and it’s super confusing, but there’s a straightforward way to do it. I want to show you this because blogging or content marketing, basically creating content on your site that solves your prospective clients’ problems, is a gateway to bringing them to your site so that you can help them. 

I want to show you how you can do a little bit of SEO that doesn’t even require SEO knowledge. I want to show you how to create a piece of content for your site that is going to be SEO optimized and it’s going to bring people to your site, and generate leads. 

For example, let’s say you’re a relationship coach. What you’re going to do is go to Google and type in the word “relationship,” and then type in “problems”. Simple as that. Your coaching business plus problems, right? 

You will then see the “People also ask” section in Google, and what we see here is that it says, “What are the most common problems in a relationship? What are normal relationship problems? How do you fix relationship problems?” 

Well, guess what? These are terms that people are searching for because they need help in their relationships. What causes problems in relationships? If you click on the dropdown, it shows you even more questions. “How do you restart a relationship?” “Can space save a relationship? Can a breakup fix a relationship?” These are all topics that people with relationship challenges are searching on Google. 

So, if you type in “relationship problems” or whatever aspect of coaching you do, and add the word “problem”, this “People also ask” section is a gold mine of topics that you can actually write about. 

Now, here’s the great part. You don’t need to know how to SEO optimize it.  Google will tell you how to do that. Let’s say that you want to write about how you fix relationship problems. What we’re going to do is to copy this right here, and we’re going to paste it into Google. 

Now, if we scroll past all of these ads right here, what we can see is we’ve got one website on Healthline, “22 ways to save a struggling relationship”. We also have “seven relationship problems and how to solve them”, and “30 relationship problems and solutions”. These top three results are the gold standard according to Google’s algorithm. 

Now just click on this website and look at the type of content that this website is using and use that as a framework, as a basis for the content you need to create for your site. And all you need to do is recreate this type of content. What to do when relationships start having common serious problems? There’s a great topic right there. Add that to your post. Ten causes of relationship issues. You can maybe make it five or four or eleven. 

So, this is a really quick and easy way to use SEO to transform your coaching business. Just remember, it’s all about creating content that solves your prospective client’s problems and using SEO to get it in front of them.

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