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I want to ask you a question.

Have you ever spent a lot of time on a project or a task or really anything where you really invest in your heart and soul into it and you spent a lot of time doing it.

And then in the end you found like whatever you did, whatever you accomplished either wasn’t right. Wasn’t good enough. Or was just outright rejected. And you just felt like, wow, I just wasted a ton of my time, happens to me all the time.

The, the biggest one I can really remember is a few Christmases ago. I wanted it. My wife wanted an apron, like a cooking apron. And so I was going to get her a cooking apron for Christmas. And I researched the heck out of this, you know, tons and tons of websites read a ton of reviews, trying to figure, you know, what is the most like stain resistant? What is the most stylish? What works well in the kitchen, functionality, pockets, all that kind of fun stuff. And then I drove around town trying to find the right one all over.

I spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect apron.

And I felt that I found it. It’s a Christmas morning. It’s all wrapped up, handed off to my wife and she opens it up and you know, you can see it, she’s opening up. She’s like, she looks at it and there’s that look, and you can see that in her eye, right.

Where it’s like, okay, this is what I wanted, but this is not actually what I wanted. And she’s like, thank you. But this is not what I wanted. It’s like, oh no, I wasted all that time.

So this happens a lot. And it happens to you when you’re writing your your blog content or creating any kind of content.

Why do people spend hours and hours and hours creating this well crafted huge, expensive blog post only to publish it, not ranking the search engines? No, one’s really liking it or sharing it. No, one’s linking to it. No, one’s commenting on it.

Your engagement metrics metrics are terrible.

Why do you do that? Okay.

Here’s what I actually propose instead of wasting your time creating the perfect post.

Why not just get something out there as quickly as possible?

So what I mean by that is like in the keyword research stage or the topic research stage, as I like to push people into, don’t spend a lot of time trying to find that perfect keyword. Okay. Instead figure out that topic.

If you wanna write about, if you’ve got a keyword idea, great, and then write a piece of content very quickly and very simply it doesn’t have to be the definitive piece of content that you need it to be. Okay. It just needs to be something that meets the criteria of that topic. The keyword, the search intent, that person is looking for.

Try to spend 30 minutes to an hour creating a piece of content. Like that’s it.

And then once you publish it, that’s when the real work begins, because now you can start pushing it to people, sharing with people, gathering feedback, seeing what keywords it actually ranks for in Google search Console.

And then you can go back and actually optimize it for the keywords that it already ranks for them. You can make adjustments based on feedback that people have given you.

So instead of spending hours and hours and hours beforehand, and then pushing a piece of content out, push something out really quickly and adjust it after the fact that it’s like a bonsai tree, right?

That’s what a blog post is.

You’ve got this beautiful little tree and you’re always pruning it and picking out of trying to make this beautiful, perfect tree. And it takes, you know, years and years and years, and it grows and he picks it up more, do that with your blog posts this way.

When you create a piece of content really quickly in a span of a week, you could probably create like, you know, 10, 12 posts for your blog. And maybe only a few of them are winners. Take care of those winners, optimize them for the keywords that they rank for optimize them and change them for the feedback that you get from people don’t waste your time, spend hours and hours and hours on a piece of content that ultimately flops because that’s going to be really discouraging and you’re likely not going to create any more content.

So next time you open up your editor, give yourself a timer, give yourself like a 30, 40 minute deadline and then publish. Then that’s when the real works begins.

That’s when the real SEO work begins.

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