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Let’s talk about SEO and how things get to really real, really, really, really complex. And we blow things out of proportion. We can’t understand why the heck we’re doing what we do when it comes to SEO.

So I want to share a story about how, how I really make things complex.

And I think how we can kind of use a story to learn how to simplify how we do our SEO stuff. I mean, I think that’s, that’s really important. So here’s the thing.

Anytime my wife sends me to go out shopping and grab something, it takes me so long because there’s an inevitably something that she asks me to get that just like for some reason I can’t get it or I can’t figure it out or I need to text her back and forth.

So the example was last week, she sent me out with a list of four things, just four things to get. And I was gone for, I don’t know how long, like maybe two hours. And honestly, this, the store I was going to is a five minute drive from my house.

So what happened was one of the things she asked me to get was the specific brand of hairspray.

So I stopped into the, the grocery store was a save on foods and it was, I was getting like, like, you know, like bananas and other like grocery things and this one hairspray. So I’m like, okay, great.

Anyway, so I go to save on boats checkout, and I see that the hairspray wall is covered in this section where there’s, there’s a ton of people and there’s all these like specific social distancing rules going on. And I’m just like, I’m not even going to go over there. I’m not even gonna try to tackle it. I said, you know, the thing I need is probably over there, but it’s just, no,

I’m not going to do that.

So I’m going to walk across the street to Walmart. So I bought my bananas and the other stuff went across the street to Walmart.

Of course there’s a line up to get into Walmart. Right.

So then I get into Walmart finally in there, I go to the, you know, the hairspray aisle, at least, which I think is the hairspray hairspray aisle, because of course I don’t buy hairspray. I don’t know which aisle it’s in.

I’m assuming it’s in with shampoos and stuff. But again, I don’t know, do the, you know, the lack of hair. So of course I drive up to the aisle and I don’t know if it’s like that where you are, but if you’re going somewhere in a shopping store or Walmart there, the aisles are one way now. Right?

So I walk up to the hairspray aisle and I looked down to the floor, The arrows, the wrong way. So I’ve got to go all the way around to the next I’ll come back. The other way, of course, there’s, you know, crowds and crowds of people.

So I’m like trying to be respectful and keep up with people’s distance and get into the aisle. And I’m walking up and down this thing and I can not find this stupid thing of hairspray.

So I texted my wife and I said, I can’t find your hairspray. She’s like, don’t worry about it. And I’m like, what did we do it where I’ve spent like the last like 40 minutes trying to find the stupid hairspray and don’t worry about it. I’m like, no, I’m going to come home. I’m going to find this thing. So she’s just grab any old hairspray. I’m like any old hairspray, there’s literally like a thousand bottles of hairspray here.

How am I supposed to know which is the right one to get? So anyways, as you can see what this story is that the simple act of just trying to get hairspray from my wife turned in, I turned it into this massively complex beast that really had no right answer in the end. Cause I was going to go home with not being able to even find the right hairspray.

So that is kind of how I feel a lot of us and myself included take our SEO is that we turn it into this super complex beast that is never going to have a right answer, a final answer or something that works because we just spent so much time in the technicalities and trying to really figure things out.

What I really want us to do is really remember that nothing is permanent when it comes to our website.

It’s not like, I mean, it’s digital, right? So we can make changes.

So what I want you guys to do, is it any time SEO seems to get complex, make a snap decision and move to the next point.

So for example, what I mean by that is, let’s say you’re doing keyword research for a topic that you’re writing on and you can’t quite figure out which keyword you want to do.

You know, maybe you’re not sure if the level of competition is right. Or if your topic is kind of on point with what you’re trying to research, and you’re just stuck in this mode and you’re like, I don’t know which keyword to, to try to target. Then don’t just write your article, just write it, just get it on and move to the next step and come back to it afterwards.

The same thing, like if you’re maybe doing some outreach, you’re trying to build up the authority of your site and you think of yourself.

Okay. I can do guest posting and then okay, well is guest posting, right? You know, I I’ve read a lot about SEO that Google is kind of banning sites that are doing guest posting. And so I don’t know if I should do this. And I’m like, you know what? Then just find a site that you think would be good to guest post on. Instead of doing a guest posting thing, just write them an email and say, Hey, I really like your blog. Your blog is super cool. Here’s why I like your blog and start a relationship.

And if that relationship moves to a position of guest posting, then great, don’t worry about what Google thinks about that.

Or if you’re maybe doing, you know, you’re writing a comment on somewhere and you’re like, okay, if I leave a link to my URL here, I think that’s, that’s no follow. So it’s not going to give me any SEO value. So maybe I won’t comment. And you kind of in this process where you’re like thinking all of the ifs based on this one action, it’s like, no, just leave a comment, add some value, start a relationship and just move on to the next thing.

It doesn’t matter in the end, if it’s going to really, really impact your SEO, just take action.

Just keep moving forward and taking action.

And if something is wrong, go back and fix it later. Or if something can be done better with SEO value, go back and fix it later. That’s really, you need to just keep this forward movement because if you hit this stall stage like me, when I was stuck in that aisle, trying to find that right hairspray, you’re going to just wander back and forth, doing the same thing over and over again with no results.

So just keep moving forward. If you’re hung up on any kind of SEO challenge, just move past it, move to the next thing research asked afterwards, that’s that’s the way to do it. It’s the way to do a kids. You got to remember the big thing with SEO is you are solving problems.

You are solving a problem that someone has come to Google for, and Google is sending that person to you, to someone else, whoever it is, whoever can solve that problem the best.

So just keep in mind that any thing you’re writing about, just remember that there’s a human coming to look at it. Who has a question, a concern, a query that needs to be taken care of and that’s you you’re taking care of that. So don’t make things complex. And if they start to feel complex, make a snap decision and move forward because nothing is permanent.

You can always come back and fix it later. And that is a big thing that I see, especially when it comes to like Yoast SEO, oh man, that plugin people just get stuck in trying to get the green light or the check mark or whatever. I don’t even know what it is anymore. Cause I don’t use Yoast. They’re they’re stuck on just making sure that all those little technical boxes are filled.

Don’t do that. Just keep moving forward. Keep that motion going and get things done. Figure it out afterwards. That is what you need to do because SEO is about taking care of people and solving problems.

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