How Coaches Can Flood their business with New Leads

24 hours a day, 7 days a week - at no cost!

You already know how to do this...

Most coaches are already aware of this “secret” source of infinite leads, but have avoided it for 1 simple reason: they think it’s too hard.

Watch this video and in just minutes you will learn why coaches believe this method is hard and understand what you need to do to pave a simplified path to getting free leads.

A New Way of Doing SEO

Are you ready to learn how to do SEO in a way that is not complicated, requires no special skills and will send targeted visitors to your site that will convert into leads.

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This new way of doing SEO is called...

Minimalist SEO

Before you get started with Minimalist SEO, you need to understand the difference between "traditional" SEO and Minimalist SEO.

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What is Traditional SEO?

When someone is "doing SEO" or says "You need to learn SEO" they are referring to 'traditional' SEO - it's the method of search engine optimization that has caused a lot of headaches for content creators.

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Traditional SEO: Working against Google

Traditional SEO works to exploit the weakness of Google's Algorithm. Effectively it tries to "game the system" in order to subvert Google's will and trick it into ranking your site in the top positions. This method leaves you open to penalties and loss of customers.

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Minimalist SEO: Working With Google instead of against

Instead of working against Google, Minimalist SEO works in tandem with Google to ensure that the searcher finds the information they are looking for. This method ensures long terms results and avoids all Google penalties

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Choose your SEO Style

Minimalist SEO

Traditional SEO

The Minimalist SEO Workshop


February 24th 2023


10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST


1 hour



Blindly following the traditional SEO advice you find online can have some serious consequences for your business – from the severe, like getting banned from Google, to the financial, like wasting your time trying to do SEO without seeing any monetary results.

Who is this workshop for?

  • You are a coach who is in the business of guiding your customers through of process of overcoming challenges
  • You have a basic understanding of SEO concepts such as keyword research and on page SEO
  • You currently use (or would like to use) blogging or content marketing as a way to find qualified leads.

The goal of this workshop is to move you away from following this traditional SEO process for creating content and move you towards a more simplified process that not only generates better results with less time and effort, but also brings in qualified visitors.

We will dive deeper into what Minimalist SEO is all about, its processes, and show specific examples of the content creation process.

After the workshop is complete you will have a simple step by step process to follow that will not even feel like SEO and will provide better results that traditional SEO.


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To start out the workshop we will discuss the origins of Minimalist SEO, how it differs from traditional SEO. We need to shift our mindset of what we currently believe about SEO. Topic Covered
  • Origins of Minimalist SEO
  • Serving Google’s Customer
  • How the Search Engines Work
  • The Goal of Minimalist SEO
Keyword research is the foundation of SEO – it’s also the part of SEO where most people make mistakes. If your SEO work is built on a flawed foundation, everything you build on top of it will also be flawed. Minimalist SEO replaces keyword research with topic research. This builds a stronger foundation as the process is easier to follow and does not have the pitfalls associated with keyword research Topics Covered:
  • The Problem with Keyword Research
  • Why We Solve Problems
  • Understanding Search Intent and the Search Landscape
  • How to Do Topic Research
Once your topic has been selected you will need to task yourself with creating the content. Quite often, content creation is challenging to begin with, but if you add SEO into the mix things start to become more complicated. Content creation with Minimalist SEO is a more natural process. It focuses on creating content for the user first and foremost. Topics Covered:
  • The Problem With On Page SEO
  • Checking the Search Landscape
  • Using Google to Build a Content Framework
  • How to Create Helpful Content

Once you understand why we follow the specific processes of Minimalist SEO you are ready to learn how to execute those processes to build our Minimalist SEO content.

In this module we will walk through the process of building a piece of content using the Minimalist SEO process using specific examples provided by the workshop attendees.

How to Register for this Workshop

You can participate in the Minimalist SEO workshop at no cost to you. 

We ask that in order to secure your position you put down a deposit, however once you have attended the workshop we will refund your deposit.

If you do not attend the workshop, your deposit will not be refunded.

Registration for the workshop has closed.