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Why are Long Tail Keywords Important for SEO?

Today, we are going to talk about long tail keywords and why they’re important and why they’re an important strategy. Now, quite often, people get a little bit mixed up about how long tail keywords actually work and why you need to go after them.

So, first off let’s define what a long tail keyword is.

Normally when you’re doing keyword research, you might find a single keyword and it is way too competitive for you to possibly rank for. So you branch out and find a keyword phrase. It’s usually a string of words that conforms into a long tail keyword. Now people say “we go after our long tail keywords because it’s easier to rank for.” So why is that?

A long tail keyword might actually be more competitive than a “short tail keyword.”

Here’s why Here’s what a long tail keyword is: Let’s say you and I had a conversation. We walked up to each other and I said, “cheeseburgers!” How would you react to that? Now you might be a little bit confused as to what I’m trying to say to you. What if instead I said “I love cheeseburgers.” You’d have a little bit more to go on. Right? What if I said, “I love cheeseburgers with bacon.” You’d be like, okay, awesome. Now, if I actually said, “I like cheeseburgers with bacon and fried egg on the top,” you’d be like, oh, okay. Chris likes something really interesting about his burger.

That is what a long tail keyword is.

So we’ve gone from initially from “cheeseburgers” to, “I love cheeseburgers with bacon and fried egg on the top.” You see how that’s a little more long tail. Now that’s going to be less competitive because maybe less people are searching for it, less people interested. But the reason why it’s easier to rank for is because of search intent. You need to make sure that the content on your website matches what the user is actually searching for. When someone searches for “cheeseburgers,” it’s really hard to figure out what the heck they’re searching for. Whereas if someone types in, “I love cheeseburgers with bacon and a fried egg on the top,” you know what they’re looking for because the intent is very, very clear. This is why people go after a long tail keyword.  The intent of the user is much more obvious because they’re using a lot more words to actually describe what they’re looking for. So next time you go searching for a long tail keyword because it’s maybe less competitive. Think about that you need to go after it because it’s easier to determine what the user is actually looking for and craft a piece of content that is going to provide a solution to the searchers query.

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