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Using a Rubik’s Cube to Explain Minimalist SEO vs Traditional SEO

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Here is Why You Think SEO is Difficult

This next statement is going to sound down right ridiculous, but hear me out: SEO is easy.

SEO is only as complex as you make it.

In the above video, I share that both my son and I have learned how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. I learned a very long and convoluted way of solving, while my son took a very simplistic approach.

Both of us can solve it, I just do it in a more complex way than he does.

I would say the Rubik’s Cube is challenging to solve, however my son would say it is quite easy.

The only difference is the method we use and our own personal outlook on the subject.

Here is why people have this belief that SEO is hard

Google is continually updating is algorithm to showcase the best results in its search results. The technical aspects of SEO change constantly.

Due to the continual updates and changes in the technical side of SEO, this means that there is a lot of outdated and incorrect information floating around the internet.

Here are a few key points to keep in mind when learning SEO:

  • How old is information you are receiving – is it severely out of date?
  • Can the information be corroborated with another source? Do your homework before believing anything.
  • Is the person sharing this information trustworthy? Do they work in SEO, or are they just regurgitating something they heard somewhere else

How to Make SEO Easier

The best way to make SEO easier is to simply do Minimalist SEO instead of traditional SEO.

But if you would like to dive deeper and have a better technical understanding of SEO here are my recommendations:

Learn from Trusted People

Find people in the industry that actually work in SEO. People like Brian Dean and Matthew Woodward share great beginner and intermediate advice. Other’s like Matt Diggity and Kyle Roof are great at testing SEO theories and sharing their results.

Join SEO Facebook Communities instead of Blogger Communities

I’ve spent a lot of time in blogger Facebook groups and I can assure you that this is where a lot of the regurgitated misinformation comes from. Stick to Facebook groups that are focused purely on SEO.

Here are a few groups I recommend:

Learn how to do Minimalist SEO

In Minimalist SEO, we strip away the complex technicalities of traditional SEO and use easy to follow evergreen tactics and focus on creating content for the user, not for the search engines.  

You don’t need to know anything about SEO to do Minimalist SEO. 

To get started just grab a copy of the Minimalist SEO Cheat Sheet.

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